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Welcome to the Presidential Management Alumni Group (PMAG)

PMAG is an organization comprised of former and current Presidential Management Interns/Fellows (PMI/Fs).

PMAG and its members--who are found in all three branches of the Federal Government, local and state governments, and the private sector--are firmly dedicated to the ideal of public service.

PMAG sponsors professional and social activities, maintains a network of former PMI's, and provides support to maintain the PMF program as the Federal Government's premier mechanism for recruiting talented individuals from American graduate schools.

PMAG is an all volunteer organization (not affiliated with the Office of Personnel Management), which works to realize benefits for the network of approximately 5,000 former PMI/Fs. These benefits include facilitating alumni communication, networking and career/professional development, as well as efforts to ensure the continued vitality of the PMF Program, foster good management of the Federal Government and the Civil Service, and assist current PMFs.



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If you have time to volunteer with PMAG to organize networking events, work on issues affecting the PMF program or the Civil Service, or work on PMAG administration contact us! (See Contact Info above).

We are a volunteer organization with limited resources. The web site is intended to be a mostly static source of reference information for current and former PMI/Fs.

If you are a current or former PMI or PMF, sign up for our list serve (above) to recieve PMAG communications.
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