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"The PMF Survival Guide"

"This inspiring guide on how to survive as a Presidential Management Fellow finalist and during your fellowship is indespensible. Kudos to those former PMI's for writing this document and for sharing their advice!" Find guidance on the career fair, questions to ask your prospective employer, security clearances, and general expectations.

Surviving the PMF Job Fair
Questions to Ask Your Prospective Employer
General Program Advice
Mentoring and the PMF Program

Historical Perspectives on the PMI/PMF Program

The Presidential Management Intern (now Fellows) program has been in existence since the Carter Administration. Learn about what has occurred in the past, studies that have been done on program participants, and program changes.

Planet.Gov Article - Bringing in the Best and the Brightest - The Presidential Management Intern Program, April 2001
Growing Leaders
- a report to the President and the US Congress by the US Merit Systems Protection Board, August 2001
Tapping America's Potential
- a Preliminary Report by the Partnership for Public Service, July 2002
Looking for the Future Leaders of Government? Don't Count on Presidential Management Interns
- a Brookings Institution Center for Public Service working paper, August 2003

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